The High Point Neighborhood Family Center (HPNFC), a non-profit organization, is located in Clearwater, Florida. For over ten years, the HPNFC has served our ethnically diverse and economically challenged neighborhood by providing financial assistance, education,an after-school care program and numerous other services. With a focus on children, The High Point Neighborhood Family Center enhances the quality our lives.

At The High Point Neighborhood Family Center, our youth programs strive to improve academic performance by focusing on increasing literacy levels. For children of working parents, we offer after-school services and summer camp activities that include music, art, sports, and a variety of weekly field trips.

We have been able to enhance the lives of countless families, thanks to our generous funders and sponsors. The resources provided by The Juvenile Welfare Board of Pinellas County (JWB) serve as our main source of funding, while our additional funding comes from our community partners and sponsors such as Pinch-A-Penny Pool Patio & Spa, Aces Pinellas Tutoring Company, DCF ACCESS, and local businesses throughout Pinellas County.



  • Margo Adams - Executive Director
  •  Cheko Carter - General Manager of Operations/Quality Assurance Manager
  • Cuvette R. Holloway - Office Manager/Family Support Specialist
  • Caroline Brown - Program Director
  • Laurel Atkinson - Administrative Assistant
  • Dwynette Tinch - Administrative Assistant
  • Susy Athans - Administrative Assistant/Bilingual Specialist (available Fridays)
  • Bryan Adams - Youth Program Site Supervisor
  • Frankie Clemons - Allstars Youth Worker
  • Letesha Ousley - Allstars Youth Worker
  • Elana Babs - Allstars Youth Worker


HPNFC Board of Directors

  • Bruce Cherkas - Chairman
  • Karen Douglas - Secretary
  • Harold Hale - Treasurer
  • Kristen Damon - Member
  • Vera Broga - Member
  • Aninta McHenry - Member
  • Frank Bowman - Member
  • Deputy Gary Wilson-CPO-Member